I have known Max McDaniel for over 25 years in both Church and Realty areas in the Pensacola, Florida area. I will attempt to cover my family's involvement with her within two areas:

In Church Work:

She was a devoted in her attendance on Sunday Morning, Sunday night House Groups and Wednesday Night Bible Study. She was always immaculate in her attire and unweaving in her Christian attitude toward all Church sponsored events. Her ready smile was infectious as was her attitude toward assisting those in need. She did not need to be asked, readily seeking out those who needed financial or physical or emotional help. As a Deacon at Gateway Church of Christ I, as well as other Deacons and the Elders, stood in awe of her energy even though she took care of her Military disabled and bed-bound Husband for over 10 years. She patterned her life with those attributes mentioned for a virtuous woman in King James Bible, Proverbs Chapter 31. Her home, grounds, were always immaculate and stood as the background for many Christian events.

She maintained a large Commercial Greenhouse and constantly provided fresh "orchids" for the home-bound members and church sponsored events like ~~seniors-at-Heart Banquet." Her husband's bedroom suite was maintained exquisitely and always contain fresh orchids and/or flowers from her luscious grounds. She not only 11talked the talk, but she walked the walk" for Christian Life. She is greatly missed at Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola, Florida!

In Real Estate Work:

She completed the education required, completed the number of closed transactions with Seniors and earned the SRES Designation (Senior Real Estate Specialist) from the National Association of REALTORS® as well as the Senior Connection Legal Designation From Century 21® Franchise.

Ms. McDaniel was known to have both character and integrity-a rare combination in the Commercial world. SHE IS FABULOUS WHEN IT COMES TO WORKING WITH SENIORS! When I lost my Father and my Mother had to be relocated, due to necessity, she was tremendous in not only her Real Estate activity in helping to get my Mother and Aunt into new homes ... even though the other REALTORS involved make her do most of their work--but also in making sure that they had the best on the market to meet their needs. She never complains or puts others down to make herself look good. She continued to show my Mother consideration and love even to this date from her current location in Jacksonville, Florida.

I cannot begin to explain all of Mrs. McDaniel's additional education accomplishments/endeavors. However, she provided us with an updated Bio when asking for our business, and I am sure she has a current one available upon request.

You can rest easy when you employ Max McDaniel because she treats all her clients like family. "When she speaks, you will be able to trust her!" Her rapport with her clients and her fellow REALTORS® is second to none!

Ronald J Putnal, Pensacola Florida