I have known Ms. Max McDaniel for over twenty years, and I am keenly aware of her attributes in operations and business experience in social as well as a professional level. Her reputation is impeccable in the Real Estate industry, and her qualifications, experience and substantial knowledge in finance, strategy, construction and analysis in a tightly-regulated industry are highly desirable attributes.

Ms. McDaniel has surpassed almost all of her peers in the levels of course studies, completion and attainment of impressive Real Estate credentials.

During a period of: severe industry turndown, Ms. McDaniel continued to excel in Sales and Performance by developing strategic plans and by utilizing her extensive knowledge of a diverse market. She has consistently been a Century 21® Top Sales Agent; and she has earned many prestigious awards and accolades throughout her 28+ year career. She establishes a close rampart with her contemporaries and clients; thereby, she insures that all goals are attainable and completed with a high degree of satisfaction!

She has accepted positions of responsibility in Community, County and Collegiate affairs. She has shown great Expertise in leadership roles in organizing, planning and completing many difficult challenges within these arenas which has resulted in significant contributions. Ms. Max is very attuned to the needs and desires of everyone with whom she works. She has a keen perspective! on both social and client issues which are key to a Company's success.

We highly recommend Ms. McDaniel be considered as a "First Round" choice as her contributions, service and loyalty will be a high asset as an employee or business partner.

In summary: Tell Max What You Want & She Will Get it Done!

Respectfully, Jerry R. Brooks

Jerry R. Brooks, Pensacola Florida