On December 31, 2015 Max McDaniel, Broker/Owner of Max McDaniel Real Estate picked me up, took me to a closing on my home; and, then, out to lunch.  After a disastrous divorce and years of trying to refinance/keep my home for me and my children, I was able to go into 2016 with a peaceful mind set!

I wish I was able to tell others exactly how wonderful Mrs. McDaniel is when it comes to taking care of her real estate clients/customers.  I learned this during the 11 months she single handed save my home from two foreclosed mortgages when previously employed attorneys/Realtor® could not do so!

Her knowledge in all areas of real estate, residential/commercial is awesome—When she gave me a copy of her Resume I felt really special that she would take time to even talk to me in my financial condition.  You would think I was worth a million dollars and she wanted my business and connections.

During the time she operated as my REALTOR®:

She had to take on a big Insurance Company, USAA Insurance Company, to secure the reissuance of a check my water intrusion contractor misappropriated in the amount of just over $23,000.00, which because it had been cashed they would not reissue.  Until this was settled, my  lenders would not agree to a “Short Sale, even though we had a fully qualified and standing ready to close buyer for more than the current appraisal on my property.” Her years of extensive experience positioned her with knowledge/communication skills to force that Company’s arrogant Executives to meet our needs.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a Mediation/Arbitration certified expert and patiently worked with them until it was absolutely necessary on my behalf “to set her foot down, legally at no cost to me, in such a way they were compelled to cooperate exactly as we needed them to do so and in a time-frame she demanded.”

 Personally if I had been in her place with her skills, making minimum fee she was forced by the Lender to take, I would probably have used the big guns first instead of negotiating.  (That contractor and I were not able to get USAA to work with us…we just kept getting a run-around for months.)

She had to take on an arrogant/negligent attorney representing my first mortgage while I endured constant, almost daily, communications trying to refinance under special programs/bankruptcy. Mrs. McDaniel took my business on in an as she put it “informed way—Listed so that she could own the property and operate “as if she was the owner, yet keeping me involved.”

When she put her proposal into writing as the Broker of her Company, I felt secure.  I knew of her socially and knew of her “good works and about the integrity attached to her good name as a business woman.   However, the attorneys involved in the two mortgages on the property took notice to treat her as if she was their equals. These reactions are a result of her many years of experience as well as commercial/investment/college courses, in what I am told by those who know, cost her over $50,000.00 investment on her part as well as yearly on-going education efforts and yearly financial renewal of designations earned.

Let me explain how she was able to save my home in spite of these attorneys.  We were still sending about 19 pages of documents every 30 days for five months, usually a few at a time on a daily basis as the lender would want an update item by item as they came to a document instead of viewing the package and asking for what they wanted all at once.  Can you imagine how another Realtor® would have been coming to me constantly for my signature under a normal listing agreement? (If they didn’t just drop me because of inconvenience.)  Even though I had a standing ready buyer and willing to close they scheduled my home for a court-house sale on December 8, 2015.

 We contacted attorney/lenders requesting a delay which they said they were working on Daily when we contacted them. Two days before the scheduled sale I was desperate.  Mrs. McDaniel personally used her communicating skills/knowledge and used her good reputation as a free Mediator in the court system for years to get the judge to reschedule the sale until late April to give us a chance to close.  This action is usually completed by an attorney.  The one we contacted wanted $1,000.00 to write this petition to the Court.  I could not trust that it could be accomplished within two days!  So Max came to my rescue and took care of it! The foreclosure attorney in South Florida, even though I was paying for his services monthly because they added onto my mortgage, had not notified the lenders that the sale had not taken place and postponed even two weeks later!

Mrs. McDaniel arranged for the buyer to agree to give me a Contract for Deed so that I can continue to live in the home, pay the mortgage payments, etc. and get a deed when I can financially refinance and buy the home.  Veronica Bryant, the buyer, cannot say enough about her satisfaction with Mrs. McDaniel. She asks about Mrs. McDaniel often when we speak!

 In summary, there is probably not a better REALTOR® in Jacksonville.  Mrs. McDaniel Serves as a Notary for her clients/friends at no cost.  She is always well-dressed professional; and, she has a ready smile and kind word for all she meets.  She is a joy to be around.  She is a well-rounded American, very patriotic and well informed as she comes from a Virginia political family and was married to a US Navy Officer for over 44 years before he passed away as a result of Vietnam service resulting in a ten year, bed-bound life at home.  She expended a fortune caring for him because she would not stash him away in a VA facility.

Her social life is humanistic driven.  She has been honored by her fellow REALTORS® for years to represent them on the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors® Grievance and Professional Standards Committees.  She is a certified Mediator to provide a first line attempt for solving difficulties. She has served as a Florida Hunter Safety License Instructor as well as an NRA Conceal Carry Permit Instructor.  She maintains an immaculate home inside and beautifully landscaped outside. She is really a great landscaper and is in the process of working with the Elders to redo the extensive grounds at the Wesconnett Church of Christ, Wesconnett Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida.  This is just one of her philanthropic endeavors.

Her motto: “Tell Max What You Want & She Will Get It Done!” is a fact I can attest to as she made it happen for me and my family.  I can assure anyone that they can count on it when she says, “You can take it to the bank.”


Deborah Martin
E. Winter Berry Road
Jacksonville, Florida

Deborah Martin, Customer