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Buying a home is THE largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. So why not ensure you have the answers to all your questions?  Here are several articles to help you answer the questions you may have. If these articles do not provide the answers you are looking for, then please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have.

10 Steps to Home Ownership

  • Step 1: Are You Ready?
  • Step 2: Get A REALTOR
  • Step 3: Get Loan Pre-Approval
  • Step 4: Look At Homes
  • Step 5: Choose A Home
  • Step 6: Get Funding
  • Step 7: Make An Offer
  • Step 8: Get Insurance
  • Step 9: Closing
  • Step 10: What's Next?

Buyer's Basics

  • 3 Smart Strategies For Purchasing Your Next Home
  • A Short Guide to Real Estate Terms & Definitions
  • Can You Afford to Buy a House?
  • When Buying a Home Determine Your Needs...
  • Where do You Start? Start with Your Credit!
  • Why Should You Own a Home?
  • Can You Afford to Buy a House?
  • Costs Associated with a Home Loan
  • Home Sweet Home: Shelter from Taxes
  • How a REALTOR Can Help
  • How Much Do I Have to Save to Buy a Home?
  • How to Choose a Home
  • How to Choose a Neighborhood
  • How to Choose a REALTOR
  • How to Get a Mortgage
  • Location...Location...Location
  • Making the Transition from Renting to Buying
  • Mortgage Basics
  • Take Charge When Buying a Home
  • Tax Benefits of Home Ownership Are Almost Too Good to Be True
  • The Basics of Making an Offer
  • Understand Your Credit
  • What a REALTOR Can Do for You
  • What Are My Mortgage Options?
  • What Is Escrow?
  • Why Use a REALTOR?

If you are looking for other tools or information, maybe these links will be of interest.  If you need additional information contact us.

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