Buyer: Why use a CNE?

  • Buying during a move can be a  challenging/emotional situation, especially if a family is involved.  Multiple parties, conflicting interests of buyer/seller, and  myriad other issues can make a simple negotiation very complex. In choosing YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL there is one factor above all others you must consider:  How well can your real estate professional negotiate on your behalf?

You determine needs--It is then up to your agent to use all of his/her skills to persuade the other side to accept your terms!  This agent needs to have earned the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) Designation offered by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, the leading negotiation training and coaching company for real estate professionals in North America.

Using leading edge negotiation practices and techniques for your benefit guarantees  that you will achieve the very best results during selection of your new home!


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