Is there anything I should know about Settlement day?

Yes. The following to-do list can help save you a few headaches and keep the closing on track:

  • Keep extra money in your account. Something unexpected can pop up during the closing that will require more money out of your pocket. By Florida Law Lenders must provide Buyers with closing costs. Buyer will need to bring a certified check from a bank for the total amount of Buyer Closing Costs.
  • Take your contract to purchase and documents provided for closing by your lender. Pull them out if something a little suspicious comes surfaces. (Your REALTOR® should havegone over all documents with your prior to Settlement Date.
  • Take your personal ID. A driver’s license or acceptable picture ID is required by the Closing Agent. (If you do not have a driver’s license, check ahead of time to see what document the Closing Agent will accept.
  • Do a before-closing inspection of the property being purchased. It is always a good idea to walk through the property just prior to closing to make sure everything is in order per the contract.
  • Utilities. Arrange in advance to have the water and electric meters read on closing day and the service switched to your name to prevent interrupted service. The same applies for the fuel tank.

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